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Residence permit in Andorra

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We help our clients with integration.

The law allows several ways to reside in Andorra, depends on obtaining the appropriate work permit and your personal intention.
Do not hesitate to tell us your objectives, we will analyse them to offer you the option that best meets your expectations.


Active Residency

There are several types of residence and work permits in Andorra:

Residence permit for contract workers.
As an employee, you may have access to residence and work permit. In order to obtain this residence permit, you should have an employment contract with local company and prove your professional experience of more than 4 years or submit a relevant educational diploma.

We can support you in all formalities with the Migration Service and other administrative departments. These steps include, but are not limited to, preparing documents for submission, registering at the municipality and CASS (Social Security in Andorra), opening bank account or searching for accommodation.
Residence permit for the self-employed
As self-employed worker or entrepreneur, in addition to the services and support we can offer, you have to:
  • Establish in Andorra for at least 183 days.​
  • Obtain the appropriate foreign investment permit and register the company legally, owning more than 34% of its share.​
  • Hold the position in the company's management board.​
  • Make a deposit of EUR 50,000 with the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA). ​
​As a specialist, you will need to be accredited within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of application for a residence permit, obtain a government permit to practice freely and register with the relevant professional association.​

Passive Residency

Residence without the right to work

In order to obtain the passive residence permit, you need to provide a number of documents to initiate the procedure, such as health insurance or certificate of criminal history absence.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice!

You should know:

  • It will be necessary to present an annual income that is 300% higher than the minimum annual salary established in Andorra. This minimum wage must be increased by 100% for each dependent family member.​
  • A minimum investment of EUR 600,000 must be contributed to the country's assets. Investments can be made both in real estate and in Andorran companies, financial institutions, etc.
  • A non-refundable deposit of EUR 47,500 must be paid to the Andorran Finance Authority (AFA). The deposit must be increased by EUR 9,500 for each dependent person. The final amount of this deposit is part of the minimum required investment amount of EUR 600,000
Passive Residence for professionals with international influence. (business, science, culture, sports).

Andorra offers a specific type of residence for people who have received international accreditation in the field of science, culture or sports. If you are a blogger with millions of followers or a world-class athlete, Andorra offers you simplified conditions for obtaining a residence permit.
You will only be required to make a deposit of €47,500 and €9,500 for each dependent. No other additional investments are required.

The Digital nomad residence

The Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law, issued in December 2023, allows professionals working in the digital sector to settle in Andorra with a component largely focused on innovations.
Since this is a very specific form of residence permit, do not hesitate to tell us about your specific case. We will analyse it to assess whether it meets the criteria set by law.
If the business profile meets the requirements of the law, your portfolio can be submitted for a permit from the Ministry of Economy, which will initiate the process of obtaining the residence permit. ​
Tax Residency

Obtaining tax and work permits does not equate to obtaining tax residency in Andorra.

While obtaining the residence permit is the responsibility of the Ministry responsible for migration, obtaining the tax residence permit is the responsibility of the Ministry responsible for taxes.

Income tax in Andorra is a tax on the income of individuals who have tax residency in the Principality of Andorra.

All taxable income is liable to income tax, regardless of the country in which it was earned. In other words, the total income earned by a taxpayer resident in Andorra is taxable in the Principality.

Applying for and obtaining tax residency in Andorra involves:

  • Stay in Andorra for more than 183 days a year.
  • Establish a centre of economic activity or centre of economic interests in Andorra, directly or indirectly
  • Submit declarations of all their income in Andorra.

Residence permit obtaining

The procedure for residence permit obtaining in Andorra :

Individual consultation and the selection of the best option
Preliminary check of all the documentation
All necessary application forms and registration forms preparation
Obtaining health insurance (only in some cases)
Submitting documents to the Service for Foreigners
Accommodation search (purchase or rent)
Contracts: for electricity, telephone, Internet, etc.
Bank account registration
Receiving tax registration
Registration with the tax inspectorate
Registration at the municipality

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