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Turnkey business

Turnkey business

Turnkey business start-up procedure

  • Foreign investment permit obtainment
  • Preparation and submission of all regulatory documents and business plan
  • Commercial bank account opening
  • Notary registration of the company
  • Registration number receiving
  • Company registration with the tax office

Additional services for starting your business

Professional assistance to your business
Accountancy services
Legal and administrative support for business

If you are planning to open a company or business in Andorra, we can help you to succeed. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the Principality of Andorra.

+ 8 million potential visitors and
customers per year

Profitable taxation system

Healthcare system that ranks among
the best in the world

Unemployment rate
below 2%

Sustained economic

An expanding
innovation centre

Double taxation agreements
signed with 17 countries

We will prepare an investment application for you. We guarantee positive feedback from the Andorran government. We will also take care of all the formalities regarding the procedure for processing your documents.

We will also provide you with contacts to local agents to promote your business and determine the best strategy for its development. We will help you with all the procedures for opening bank accounts related to your business activities, thanks to our own contacts with financial institutions.​​

You can become shareholder of your own company without having to reside in Andorra, with very favourable taxation.

Andorran legislation allows foreigners to open a business, if they are able to obtain a foreign investment permit.


  • 10% of company profits.
  • For non-salaried shareholders, the income received is taxed at a maximum rate of 10%.
  • Dividends paid by the company to shareholders are exempt from tax. If you want to repatriate dividends, they will be subject to the tax conditions established in the country.
  • It is necessary to foresee the costs in advance: the company incorporation tax - 1016,67 and the commercial activity tax of about €500 per year.
Andorra seeks to attract foreign investment and diversify the economy

With the adoption of Law 2/2008 on Foreign Investment on 8 April, which provides, in particular, 100% availability of certain activities to non-Andorran capital, the Principality of Andorra is embarking on its economic transformation. In addition, the signing of double taxation treaties and the application of direct taxation to businesses and economic activities have made Andorra the most loyal and progressive country in the field of taxation.

In 2017, the European Union published a list of non-cooperative countries in tax matters, which no longer includes Andorra. The list is based on three criteria established by the Council of Europe in 2016, namely tax transparency, fiscal framework and implementation of measures to combat base erosion and profit shifting (so-called BEPS). This demonstrates that the country has achieved European standards in its goal of full transparency and international approval of the financial and banking sectors in the tax area.

On the other hand, the liberalisation of foreign investment in all sectors of the economy is also accompanied by an important reform concerning the granting of economic rights to individuals. Thus, it is established that the property rights of individuals are acquired with the acquisition of legal residence in the Principality.

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